Charity Involvement


At Kingham Hill School we feel it is important to look beyond the Hill and support the work of charities both locally and internationally.  

In 2013, a Charity Committee was formed to oversee fundraising for external charities at Kingham Hill School. The purpose of the Charity Committee is to ensure that:
A framework is in place to oversee fundraising for external causes;
Fundraising is balanced with the school’s development plan;
Small-scale fundraising initiatives are planned in advance and are distributed evenly throughout the school calendar;
Meaningful amounts of money are raised for charities;
Relationships with charities can be created and maintained;
There is scope for the school to react to international disasters and raise money towards the relief effort.  
Recognising that we are a small community with limited resources, it may not be possible to fundraise for every initiative. However, to ensure a diverse range of charities whose objectives are compatible with those of the school, the Committee receive nominations for charities and discuss each on a case-by-case basis.  Any staff member or pupil may nominate a charity that they may wish to raise money for. Charities will be selected using the criteria in the Vision and Purpose document using the information provided by the applicant.
In addition to a limited number of one-off events in the Michaelmas and Trinity terms, the main charity focus takes place in the Lent Term where fundraising concentrates on one nominated charity. Last year, the school supported charity:water and raised £7,700 for clean water projects in Rwanda and Ethiopia as part of the Lent Term appeal.

Overseas charity trips

For many years groups of pupils have been involved in a wide variety of trips to the developing world or to areas of considerable deprivation in the developed world. Projects have run in conjunction with community groups, charities and churches in countries such as Romania and Ukraine. These projects are no 'one-offs'. The emphasis has always been upon building relationships, getting to know the project and returning several times to make a real and intelligent difference. 

Eden Farm

Our current focus is Eden Farm in Zambia. It is a community-based project comprising a ‘children's village’ and a working farm for orphaned children. It is situated in the Chingola region of Zambia. It is linked to a local church and enjoys the support of the local community. 
A group of pupils led by Kingham Hill staff raise money and head out to Eden Farm every second or third year. The two-week programme affords pupils the opportunity to help host a children’s club, contribute to light building work on the farm and to assist in the local school and community. 
For many pupils Zambia and Eden Farm are their first experience of the developing world and represent a real eye-opener and a time of personal growth. Funds raised go towards children’s club resources, building equipment, paint, sportswear/equipment and much more.
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