French and Spanish

French and Spanish are taught from Year 7.  Parents are asked to express a preference for which language their child will study before entering the School.  Pupils will then continue to study their chosen language to at least the end of Year 9.  At that point, pupils may choose to continue their language to GCSE and beyond if they wish.  A-Level French and Spanish are available in the Sixth Form.   
Students who speak a language other than English are given support to gain GCSE or A-Level qualifications. In recent years this has included Chinese, Japanese and Russian.
The Languages Department consists of bright, refurbished classrooms, containing inspiring displays.  Use is made of a full range of Internet-based and dedicated language-learning software with a set of dedicated notepad computers which can also serve as a language laboratory.  All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and full audio-visual facilities.
Lessons are structured to ensure pupils receive a thorough grounding in grammar, whilst encouraging them to participate orally as much as possible.  Class sizes are small and so each pupil benefits from the supportive, stimulating atmosphere generated by our language specialists who are experienced in bringing the best out of them.  Our aim is to boost confidence in communicating through success and enjoyment.
Pupils are able to benefit from language trips to France and Spain at various points during their school career.  Recent trips have taken pupils to the Pas-de-Calais and Paris. Future trips will include study weeks in Granada and Dijon.


Recently introduced into the School curriculum, Latin has enjoyed much success.  Pupils may choose to study the language ab initio from Year 9 in which they are given an intensive, yet thoroughly rewarding, initiation into how the language works.  In Year 10, pupils begin the GCSE course, focussing principally on translation skills.  In Year 11 they then focus their attention to the study of Latin literature in prose and verse.  Typically, pupils will read a book of Virgil’s Aeneid and sections of the writings of such authors as Pliny, Tacitus and Ovid. In the Sixth Form, it will be possible for those wishing to continue their classical odyssey to prepare for an A-Level in Latin.


Our international pupils quickly become part of the community at Kingham Hill.

These pupils, comprising up to 20% of the school, benefit from specially tailored teaching programmes in very small classes in the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Department, in addition to a full academic curriculum.
Staff members draw on varied teaching methods to make classes interesting and lively. The atmosphere in the department is relaxed and supportive, yet expectations are high.

Our pupils work towards taking external ESOL examinations. These examinations are validated by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and include the FCE, CAE and IELTS examinations, which are recognised world-wide. Pupils are also offered support for the mainstream curriculum.
Alongside the language courses and support time, pupils take part in social activities and educational trips. These experiences help students to sharpen their communication skills and link their use of language to the mainstream curriculum
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