Specialist ESOL teachers assist pupils whose first language is not English so that they can participate fully in all the activities of the school and grow in confidence. The aim is to give every pupil the opportunity to fulfil their potential at Kingham Hill through the medium of English.

The courses are very practical and are designed to help pupils communicate effectively both in the classroom situation, in the boarding houses and in the community. Pupils are encouraged to read: there is a small ESOL library and a selection of graded ESOL materials in the school library to encourage the concept of independent learning. Pupils are also encouraged to use web-based materials for extra practice and to use Internet sites for research purposes and to keep up to date with current affairs through the medium of English.
Pupils are encouraged to bring work from other subject areas to the ESOL department for further explanation, clarification and help with accuracy of written answers. The ESOL teachers liaise closely with other subject staff and boarding house staff to ensure the wellbeing of overseas pupils and to cater fully for their needs. It is also considered important to offer support where necessary to the subject teachers. There are after school ESOL clubs where pupils are offered off-timetable support and the chance to learn more about British life and culture. All pupils are encouraged to make full use of the help offered by the Department.
Pupils are also made aware of the Department’s 'open door' policy. Each pupil is encouraged to feel part of the Department and to feel they can turn to the ESOL staff for help and support in a wide range of situations, whether academic, practical or emotional.

Department Aims

The academic aim of the Department is to bring each pupil to the point where he/she is able to achieve pass standard in an appropriate Cambridge ESOL examination. Each student is assessed at various stages of the course and entered for an external exam appropriate to his/her level of progress in English. When pupils have reached an appropriate level of English for their study needs they may participate in a full academic curriculum without the need for further ESOL support. Others may continue with ESOL support for the entire time they attend Kingham Hill School.

The Team

Mrs Janet Balinski - BA (Hons) French & Linguistics; PGCE; MA Applied Linguistics; TESOL
Responsible for the running of the Department and teaches Year 10 to Year 13. This role includes the development of the International Pre-A-Level Programme as well as the coordination of the Torgelow link programme. Both programmes were established in September 2007.
Kim Showler - BA Political Science; Professional Educator's Certificate (Florida)
Responsible for teaching Years 7 - 10 

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