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Welcome to Greenwich, the school’s junior house for girls aged 11 to 14.

Greenwich girls on benchGreenwich girls

Who's who?

Houseparent: Dominic Beasant    DRB

Deputy Houseparent: Claire Beasant CEB




Pastoral Assistant: Miss Sandru, who is on hand to make sure things run smoothly and to be a younger ear for our girls to chat to. As former Kingham Hill pupil herself, Miss Sandru has a good inside knowledge of how things really work! She has recently completed a degree in mathematics from Durham University. 


Year 7 tutor: Mrs Heywood-Lonsdale is the Head of American Studies, mainly teaching these classes but also some English. She has studied widely (economics, creative writing, education, humanities and social thought) and is involved with Duke of Edinburgh as well a World Challenge Leader for a recent Nicaragua trip.



Year 8 tutor: Miss Gordon is the Assistant Chaplain and works alongside Mr Savage to provide pastoral support at Kingham Hill. Miss Gordon also coaches sport throughout the year and organises the girls’ fixtures.



Year 9 tutor: Mrs Fowler is a Maths teacher but also teaches the horse riding activity, chess club and the Year 11 Christian Union.




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