• Bradford


Senior Boys aged 14 to 18 years.

Welcome to Bradford House, we aim to instil all boarders with a sense of belonging and camaraderie to ensure their time in the house is as happy and productive as possible. We are Tim and Vicky Martin and we are the Houseparents for Bradford. We have three young children, Arthur, Olive and Monty who are aged between 10 months and four years. Tim is the Head of Greens (Learning Support Department) and coaches many sport teams at the Hill, but mainly focuses on hockey and cricket. Vicky is busy being mum, but is always a presence in the house along with Arthur, Olive and Monty.

It is important to us that everyone should feel comfortable and relaxed in the house – it should be a home from home.  We like to encourage our boys to make their dorm and study areas personal to them, with their own covers, duvets, and posters (tasteful, please!).

Respect is an important part of life in Bradford, whether that is respect for oneself, others and surroundings all our boys learn to present themselves well, and do their very best, enjoy time with friends and keep the house litter and damage free.

Houseparent: Tim Martin   

Deputy Houseparent: Linda Petra

House Assistant: Victoria Martin

Pastoral Assistant: Liam Goddard

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