• Havelock


The day boys’ house has been named Havelock after the farm the Founder bought in Canada. Before leaving for Canada, boys who wanted to work in agriculture worked on the Kingham Hill Farm for one year. When they arrived at Havelock Farm, they worked the land and adjusted to ‘independent’ living. Many continued in agriculture, whilst others went into business and commerce.

Havelock has always been associated with independence, initiative and self-sufficiency. Our hope is that the new Havelock House will once more continue this fine tradition.

Housemaster: Mr Andrew Savage

Deputy Houseparent: Mr Chris Larner


  • Senior boys’ common room with own lockers
  • Kitchen area for boys to use
  • Facilities for supervised study at various times in the day as well as prep in the evening
  • Large lounge for relaxation
  • WiFi
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