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The Junior Day Boys' House is named Clyde House, and appropriately enough for a Christian school, it represents a resurrection!

The original Clyde House was for senior boy boarders, and produced a number of very successful and notable alumni. It disappeared, however, in the mid to late 20th century, after the reorganisation of houses following the sale of the original Plymouth. As the School has grown in number, there was the opportunity to bring it back. Despite the break in continuity, we hope the name of Clyde will once again grace the many trophies and awards which still bear that title on many occasions from our past.

Housemaster: Murray Metcalfe
Deputy Houseparent: Mr Chris Larner


  • Two common rooms with lockers - Years 7&8 and Year 9
  • Table Tennis
  • Football Table
  • Facilities for supervised prep in the evening
  • Relaxation area plus study for Houseparent
  • WiFi
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