Art and Design is taught to all Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils. It is a very popular GCSE option in Years 10 and 11, and some students continue with AS and A2 Art and Design.

Art and Design as a subject gives pupils the opportunity to develop their creativity and to express themselves in a meaningful way. Pupils learn about past and present art and produce their own work based on a variety of ideas. They explore a range of art materials and techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, textiles, ceramics, computer design, and/or photography.
The Art and Design department’s facilities include a ceramic studio, a dark room for photography and a spacious and well-lit art room. Pupils have access to a range of resources including the internet, computer software and an art library. Regular visits are made to art galleries and museums and the Department is always involved with school productions and events.
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