• Piano, Cello & Violin
  • Rock band
  • Trombones


Music is taught throughout the school from Year 7 to Year 9. It is a GCSE option in Years 10 and 11. Music can also be studied at AS and A2 level in the Sixth Form.

Music is an important part of school. Our highly regarded Music School, with its numerous practice rooms, is at the heart of an active Music Department. All our pupils are encouraged to discover and further their musical ability and participate in a musical activity.
A team of eight visiting teachers give individual lessons for the full range of instruments and can prepare students for exams or simply allow the development of skills in order to gain a positive musical experience.
Singing plays a significant role in weekly musical activities and also in Chapel. About a third of the school is involved in the Concert Choir which performs twice a year in our carol services and in our choral concert on Speech Day. The Chapel Choir consists of our best singers and regularly contributes to Chapel services. There is also a Year 7 Chorus and a Staff Choir that rehearse regularly.
Instrumental groups centre round our Wind Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble and our Rock School. These groups also perform on a regular basis.
During the last few years, we have produced four large-scale whole school musicals. They have been extremely popular both within the school and in the local community. These productions take place in March and involve a very large cast and a substantial production team of both pupils and staff from nearly all departments.
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