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    • Douglas Ansley

      Douglas Ansley - DT Technician; Maintenance

      Qualifications: BEng (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering
      University: Hertfordshire

    • Christopher Ashton

      Christopher Ashton - Extra-Curricular Assistant

      Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Geography
      University: Loughborough

    • Janet Balinski

      Janet Balinski - Head of ESOL

      Qualifications: BA French; MA Applied Linguistics; PGCE
      University: York; Warwick

    • Dominic Beasant

      Dominic Beasant - Mathematics

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) Mathematics; MA & PGCE Mathematics
      University: Cambridge

    • Helena Berkeley

      Helena Berkeley - Latin & English / Head of Academic Society

      Qualifications: BA English with Classical Studies, PGCE (Secondary) in Classics and English
      University: Exeter, Buckingham

    • Scott Birnie

      Scott Birnie - Hospitality & Leisure

    • Timothy Bostwick

      Timothy Bostwick - History

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) Modern History, MA Modern History, PGCE (Secondary) History

      University: Exeter College, Oxford

    • Mark Buckler

      Mark Buckler - Head of Art

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) Fine Art; PGCE Art & Design
      University: Coventry; Cheltenham

    • Michael Cartwright

      Michael Cartwright - PE

      Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching; PGCE
      University: Bournemouth

    • Daniel Chambers

      Daniel Chambers - Head of Music

      Qualifications: BA Music; MA Music 
      University: Oxford

    • Jessica Chapman

      Jessica Chapman - Head of Sixth Form and Destinations

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) English & French; PGCE. 
      University: Oxford; Durham

    • Jeffrey Elliott

      Jeffrey Elliott - English

      Qualifications: BA English
      University: Stirling

    • Andrew Evans

      Andrew Evans - Head of Business

      Qualifications: BA French; BSc Business; MBA; PGCE
      University: Aberystwyth; Manchester; Leicester; Southampton

    • Helen Evans

      Helen Evans - SpLD

      Qualifications: BA English; PGCE
      University: Wales; Hatfield

    • Magnus Eyles

      Magnus Eyles - Mathematics & Head of Co-Curricular

      Qualifications: BSc Psychology; PGCE
      University: Liverpool; Brunel

    • Andrew Ferrero

      Andrew Ferrero - History

      Qualifications: BA Medieval Archaeology
      University: UCL

    • Justine Fowler

      Justine Fowler - Mathematics

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) Chemical Engineering; PGCE
      University: Surrey & Warwick

    • Nick Fox

      Nick Fox - Head of History & Politics

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) History & Politics; PGCE 

      University: Lancaster & Keele

    • Louanne Gill

      Louanne Gill - Mathematics

      Qualifications: BA Commerce; PGCE Secondary Mathematics
      University: University of South Africa; Worcester

    • Rachel Gruber

      Rachel Gruber - Science Technician

      Qualifications:  BSc Materials Engineering, PhD 

      University: Birmingham & Cranfield University

    • Dani Heywood-Lonsdale

      Dani Heywood-Lonsdale - Head of American Program

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) Creative Writing, MA Humanities, MSc Social Policy & Development, QTS 

      University: Pepperdine University, Malibu USA, New York University, USA, London School of Economics, Canterbury Christ Church University

    • Holly Hiscox

      Holly Hiscox - History and Professional Tutor

      Qualifications: BA Modern History & Politics; MA History
      University: Oxford & Oxford Brookes

    • Alan Hutchings

      Alan Hutchings - Head of DT / ICT

      Qualifications: BEd Design & Technology
      University: Exeter

    • Sara Hutchings

      Sara Hutchings - Head of Mathematics

      Qualifications: BEd Secondary Maths, PGDip Maths

      University: North London & Oxford

    • Rob Jones

      Rob Jones - Music & Head of Drama

      Qualifications: BMus; MMus
      University: London Goldsmith's & Royal Holloway

    • Graham Lane

      Graham Lane - Science

      Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Biochemistry
      University: Leeds

    • Chris Larner

      Chris Larner - Geography; Economics

      Qualifications: BA Combined Social Science
      University: Durham

    • Susie Lowe

      Susie Lowe - Speech & Drama

      Qualifications: Cert. Ed; AGSM
      University: Middlesex; Guildhall; London

    • Rebecca Lund

      Rebecca Lund - Director of Sport / Head of PE

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) PE
      University: Brighton

    • Adam Marks

      Adam Marks - Mathematics

      Qualifications: BE (Secondary) HPE & Science

      University: Griffith, Australia

    • Tim Martin

      Tim Martin - Head of SpLD

      Qualifications:  BA (Hons) Sports Studies & Education, PGCE Further Education 


    • Jane McFarlane

      Jane McFarlane - Science

      Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Agriculture, MSc Land Resource Management

      University: Newcastle & Silsoe College, Cranfield
    • Kyle McFarlane

      Kyle McFarlane - Head of Geography

      Qualifications: BA Geography; Meteorology; Theology; PGCE
      University: London; Reading; Belfast & UWE

    • Murray Metcalfe

      Murray Metcalfe - Languages

      Qualifications: BA German; PGCE
      University: Sheffield; Oxford

    • Stephen Miller

      Stephen Miller - Head of Science

      Qualifications: BSc Zoology & Botany; HDE Mathematics & Secondary Science
      University: Cape Town

    • William Osborne

      William Osborne - Theology

      Qualifications: BA (hons) Theology

      University: Durham
    • Linda Petra

      Linda Petra - ESOL

      Qualifications: MA TESOL
      University: Oxford Brookes

    • Stephen Petra

      Stephen Petra - Science

      Qualifications: BSc Chemical Engineering; PGCE
      University: Loughborough & Warwick

    • Pippa Phillips

      Pippa Phillips - Speech & Drama

      Qualifications: BA Creative Arts
      University: Manchester Met

    • Antonia Rankine

      Antonia Rankine - SpLD

      Qualifications: BA Education & Music, PGCE in Dyslexia, Approved Teacher Status, British Dyslexia Association

      University: Roehampton University

    • George Rees

      George Rees - English

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) English Lit & Lang; PGCE English
      University: Liverpool & York

    • Cathy Rogers

      Cathy Rogers - Science Techician

      Qualifications: BSc Agricultural Science; PGCE
      University: Nottingham & Oxford

    • Andrew Savage

      Andrew Savage - Theology

      Qualifications: Bachelor of Theology; BSc (Hons) Rural Studies; MSc, Land & Water Mgt
      University: Oxford, Cranfield & London

    • Lucy Savage

      Lucy Savage - Animal Club

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) Agriculture
      University: Newcastle


    • Donna Saxby

      Donna Saxby - Librarian / Digital Literacy Coordinator

      Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Economics; PG Dip Librarianship
      University: Birmigham & UCE

    • Edward Scates

      Edward Scates - Head of English

      Qualifications: MA English; PGCE
      University: Canterbury

    • Nick Seward

      Nick Seward - Economics

      Qualifications: BA Aeronautical Engineering; Theology
      University: London & Durham

    • Basil Strang

      Basil Strang - Science

      Qualifications:  BSc (Hons) Zoology, PGCE

      University: Durham & Oxford 

    • Lilly Tigwell

      Lilly Tigwell - Art / Art Technician

      Qualifications: BA Photo Journalism
      University: Gloucestershire

    • Gareth Williams

      Gareth Williams - Head of Languages

      Qualifications: BA (Hons) French; PGCE Modern Languages
      University: Manchester

    • Mary Williams

      Mary Williams - SpLD

      Qualifications: BSc Biological Sciences
      University: Exeter

  • House Staff
    • Adam Marks

      Adam Marks - Houseparent


    • Danielle Marks

      Danielle Marks - House Assistant


    • Angela Francis

      Angela Francis - Deputy Houseparent


    • Robert Blackie

      Robert Blackie - Pastoral Assistant


    • Matt Randall

      Matt Randall - Pastoral Assistant


    • Christopher Ashton

      Christopher Ashton - Houseparent


    • Jessica Ashton

      Jessica Ashton - Deputy Houseparent (j/s)

      Norwich House

    • Lindsay Benn

      Lindsay Benn - Deputy Houseparent (j/s)


    • Alex Corps

      Alex Corps - Pastoral Assistant


    • Magnus Eyles

      Magnus Eyles - Houseparent


    • Rebecca Eyles

      Rebecca Eyles - House Assistant


    • Denise Povey

      Denise Povey - Deputy Houseparent


    • Jack Carroll

      Jack Carroll - Pastoral Assistant


    • Tim Martin

      Tim Martin - Houseparent


    • Victoria Martin

      Victoria Martin - House Assistant


    • Linda Petra

      Linda Petra - Deputy Houseparent (j/s)


    • Katharine Cookson

      Katharine Cookson - Deputy Houseparent (j/s)


    • Liam Goddard

      Liam Goddard - Pastoral Assistant


    • Murray Metcalfe

      Murray Metcalfe - Houseparent


    • Dominic Beasant

      Dominic Beasant - Houseparent


    • Claire Beasant

      Claire Beasant - Deputy Houseparent


    • Alexandra Sandru

      Alexandra Sandru - Pastoral Assistant


    • Athena Harper

      Athena Harper - Houseparent (maternity leave)


    • Jill Gordon

      Jill Gordon - Assistant Chaplain

    • Bethia Stevenson-Paul

      Bethia Stevenson-Paul - Houseparent


    • Jonathan Stevenson-Paul

      Jonathan Stevenson-Paul - House Assistant


    • Cheryl Marshall-Sheppard

      Cheryl Marshall-Sheppard - Deputy Houseparent


    • Elizabeth Bate

      Elizabeth Bate - Pastoral Assistant


    • Amanda Huckstep

      Amanda Huckstep - Houseparent


    • John Huckstep

      John Huckstep - House Assistant


    • Sune Van de Westhuizen

      Sune Van de Westhuizen - Pastoral Assistant


    • Bethan Rayner

      Bethan Rayner - Deputy Houseparent


    • Mark Stradling

      Mark Stradling - Pastoral Assistant

  • Peripatetic
    • Michael Bernamont

      Michael Bernamont - Violin; Piano

    • Mark Glanville

      Mark Glanville - Voice

    • Jonathan Howse

      Jonathan Howse - Saxophone

    • Richard Jasper

      Richard Jasper - Bagpipes

    • Julie Jones

      Julie Jones - Flute

    • Gary Marshall

      Gary Marshall - Drums

    • Thomas McCoy

      Thomas McCoy - Piano

    • Jessica Miles

      Jessica Miles - Dance

    • Jason Page

      Jason Page - Guitar

    • Hugh Rashleigh

      Hugh Rashleigh - Brass

    • Kelly Rashleigh

      Kelly Rashleigh - Voice

    • Miranda Ricardo

      Miranda Ricardo - Cello

  • Support
    • Debbie Adams

      Debbie Adams - Housekeeper

    • Simon Barrett

      Simon Barrett - Caretaker

    • Elaine Barton

      Elaine Barton - Health Centre Sister

    • Carl Guy

      Carl Guy - Maintenance

    • Lorna Buckland

      Lorna Buckland - Housekeeper

    • Phoebe Coombes

      Phoebe Coombes - Leisure Centre Assistant

    • Dan Davis

      Dan Davis - Gardener/Groundskeeper

    • Mary Garner

      Mary Garner - Health Centre Sister

    • Diana Graham

      Diana Graham - Housekeeper

    • Andrew Hancock

      Andrew Hancock - Head Groundsman

    • Michael Hill

      Michael Hill - Groundsman

    • Kim Hunt

      Kim Hunt - Clothing Store; Seamstress

    • Mark Jarvis

      Mark Jarvis - Maintenance

    • Julian Lay

      Julian Lay - Maintenance

    • Alex Mathers

      Alex Mathers - Head of Maintenance

    • Laszlo Marton

      Laszlo Marton - Transport Supervisor

    • Sarah Morley

      Sarah Morley - Leisure Centre Assistant

    • Charlotte Moulder

      Charlotte Moulder - Housekeeper

    • John Newman

      John Newman - Leisure Centre Assistant

    • Viktoria Pataki

      Viktoria Pataki - Caretaker

    • Szilvia Piriczki

      Szilvia Piriczki - Housekeeper

    • Steven Preston

      Steven Preston - Maintenance

    • Brett Purchase-Rathbone

      Brett Purchase-Rathbone - Transport Assistant

    • Theresa Slimmon

      Theresa Slimmon - Housekeeper

    • Christine Smart

      Christine Smart - Housekeeper

    • Derek Temple

      Derek Temple - Caretaker

    • Cheryl Thomas

      Cheryl Thomas - Head Housekeeper

    • Charles Winkley

      Charles Winkley - SSI

    • Michael Webb

      Michael Webb - Assistant Head Housekeeper; Caretaker

    • Martin Westcar

      Martin Westcar - Maintenance

  • Governors
    • Kenji Batchelor

      Kenji Batchelor

      Following a degree in Theology at Durham University, trained briefly as a teacher in London before deciding on a (less stressful) career in law via a time tutoring in Mozambique, two years working at Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon and studying on the Cornhill Training Course. Now a qualified charities solicitor, living in Surrey, married to Lizzy and father to a spirited young baby, Laurence. Enjoys eating and sleeping when parental duties allow!

    • Rev Richard Cunningham

      Rev Richard Cunningham

      Lives close by the school in an old mill that Kingham Hill owned and in which it once kept pigs and chickens! Studied at London University - trained and worked as a teacher, followed by a stint on the staff of St Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate. Trained for ordination in Oxford and after clergy roles locally and in Oxford works as the Director of UCCF: The Christian Unions. Married to Ruth, five kids - two girls and three boys.

    • Rev Johnny Juckes

      Rev Johnny Juckes

      Born and bred in the Cotswolds, vicar of St Andrew's Kirk Ella, just outside Hull, since 1998. First degree in Psychology at St Andrew's, followed a couple of years later by Theology at Cambridge. Curacy in Sevenoaks, followed by a couple of roles working for Dick Lucas, first at Proclamation Trust and then at St Helen's, Bishopsgate. Married to Diana, five children, two girls, a boy, a girl and a boy. Chairman of the Kingham Hill Trust. Woodturner whenever there's a spare moment.

    • Col John Lewis

      Col John Lewis

      Studied Agriculture at Writtle College near his family home in Chelmsford. Began a career in Farm Management but changed course to join the Army in 1982. Commissioned into the Royal Corps of Transport and served overseas in Germany with a detachment to Australia. Studied Logistics Management followed by the Army Staff Course in 1991. Worked across the Middle East from a base in Cyprus, commanded a Support Battalion in the Balkans and was Force Support Commander in Iraq in 2005 during the first Iraqi elections. Recently Director Operations at the Defence Storage and Distribution Agency. Married to Jeannie with four children, interests revolve around family and outdoor pursuits as well as involvement in Church and Armed Forces Christian Organisations.

    • Dr Angela Netherwood

      Dr Angela Netherwood

      Angela studied medicine at University College London, and after a varied career including A&E, Anaesthetics and General Practice, she now works as a doctor for the RAF.  Married to Andy, they have two daughters: Katie and Abby, both pupils at Kingham Hill. Andy’s job as an RAF pilot has taken them on various postings, including three years in South Carolina where Angela taught Sunday School and Cheerleading! Now settled in West Oxfordshire, Angela is an active member of St John the Baptist, Burford where she enjoys co-leading a bible study group, singing in the choir and is a member of the PCC. Angela relaxes by walking her Cocker Spaniel through the beautiful Cotswold countryside and listening to music.

    • Rhett Parkinson

      Rhett Parkinson

      The oldest born son of a Rhodesian tobacco farmer, he was educated at Elizabeth College in Guernsey and completed his first degree in Agriculture at Wye College, University of London. He spent 12 of his 20 years in the Royal Engineers based in Germany and deployed to Belize, Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. He left in 2012 to work with his wife Liesel in full time ministry for the Armed Forces Christian Union, a job that involves significant travel. They have three children and enjoy camping, walking, offshore sailing and travelling.

    • Caroline Pellereau

      Caroline Pellereau

      Studied Mathematics at Bristol University and taught the subject for nearly thirty years. Worked at Cheltenham Ladies' College for many years and was Head of Mathematics and Head of Lower College (years 7, 8 and 9). Married to Rod who taught at Dean Close School, and during his time there ran a boys’ boarding house. Two grown up children. Member of St Matthews Church, Cheltenham.

    • John Richardson

      John Richardson

      Chair of Governors. Born in Lancashire, the youngest of three in an Anglican clergyman’s family. Educated at Rossall and Cambridge, took a degree in Engineering and gained a PGCE before entering the teaching profession teaching mathematics first at Dean Close in Cheltenham and then at Eton. In 1992 became Head of Culford School in Bury St Edmunds before moving to take on the Headship of Cheltenham College in 2004. He formed an education consultancy in 2010. Married to Ruth and has three children: Matthew, Peter and Sarah. Interests include reading, sailing and mountaineering. All the family are members of St Matthew’s Church in Cheltenham.

    • James Shand

      James Shand

      After graduating from London University (Wye College), qualified as an Accountant before moving into industry.  Worked with business owners and managers as Finance Director for over 20 years, enabling them to achieve successful growth, in private, AIM listed Plc and private equity backed company environments; including helping many successful deals (including 3 Management Buy Outs) and facilitated fund raisings of over £30m for clients.  Married to Amanda with 3 grown up children, who all went to independent schools, including the eldest Helena Berkeley who teaches at KHS.  Founding member of Christian Business Leaders, folk who seek to live out their Christian faith in the business decisions they have to take.  An active member of St David’s Church Moreton, where he was treasurer until recently.  Also a keen follower of English rugby and cricket.

    • Colin Townsend

      Colin Townsend

      Born in Oxford. Trained to teach at Liverpool. Taught Design and Technology in Oxfordshire for 33 years. Now retired. Also a trustee of a support group for a small Ugandan Christian N.G.O. Married to Sue. Three children and five grandchildren.

    • Jeremy Welch

      Jeremy Welch

      Born in Hertfordshire, and educated at Oxford, reading Zoology and a PGCE followed by roles in educational technology development with the Microelectronics in Education Programme and Research Machines.  A long subsequent career in technology, media, services and international marketing then followed, including positions with Dell Computer and Avid Technology.  Now working for the University of Oxford, specifying new systems projects for education and administration.  Married to Sally (Vicar of Charlbury and Area Dean for Chipping Norton), with four children and one grandchild.  Interests include caving and mountaineering.

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