Jargon Buster

Like most organisations we have our own jargon. Making sense of the language is part of being ‘in the know’, and it can be fun. However, it can also be rather baffling and off-putting to newcomers. That is why we have put together a Jargon Buster page, to explain some of the Kingham Hill jargon to new pupils.



Chief administrative and financial officer. Responsible for the school’s finances, estate, facilities and personnel.


Finance and Personnel Department.


Combined Cadet Force (Army and Air Force), a very popular activity.


Duke of Edinburgh Award programme.


A long weekend on which the boarders are encouraged to go home.


The school is divided into ten houses: three day houses - Clyde (junior boys), Havelock (senior boys), Latimer (all day girls); and seven boarding houses including a junior boys’ house - Plymouth; a junior girls’ house - Greenwich; three senior boys’ houses - Bradford, Norwich, Sheffield; and two senior girls’ houses - Severn, Durham.


Plymouth House.


Students in Plymouth House.

Shower and Shoes:

Time allocated in Plymouth in the afternoon for exactly that.


Another word for homework.

Lights Out:

The time when boarders must be in bed ready to have their lights turned out.



Signing Out Book:

Where boarders sign in and out when they go to and from house. An essential safety record.

Tuck Shop:

Sells snacks and drinks at morning break.


Specific Educational Needs Department.


All students are evaluated every three weeks and given ‘grades’.

Top School:

Main teaching area.


Kingham Hill Association. Past staff and pupils, friends and supporters.

The Mass:

An annual in-house competitive Cross Country run. A Kingham Hill tradition.

The Hill:

School magazine.

Founders Day:

Day on which the life of the Founder is celebrated.

Balls’ Gap:

Literally a gap in the hedge which was used as a shortcut so frequently by a member of staff it was named after him and a commemorative stone placed there.

The Planney:

Area of woodland.

Boot Room:

Area in the boarding houses for shoes, sports boots etc.


Restriction of privileges.


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