Learning Support

We are pleased to offer provision to a limited number of pupils per year group with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. Kingham Hill is a CReSTeD DU (Dyslexia Unit) registered school.  Our most recent report can be found in our Info/Downloads section.


The Opportunities

People with dyslexia find that it can affect their reading, spelling, writing, memory and concentration. Dyslexia can also affect Maths, Music, foreign languages and self-organisational skills. However, those with dyslexia may be highly intelligent, possessing creative, practical or artistic skills. Dyslexia continues throughout life, though good teaching and training can help develop strategies, enabling those with dyslexia to become high achievers. More than 10% of the population is dyslexic. However, children often miss the support that they need.
Many schools either do not have the facilities or, as a result of the pressure of exam league tables, overlook this group. We are a caring Christian school and we cater for all abilities. We highly value these young people and work hard to help them reach their full potential.

Current Facilities

Pupils requiring learning support at the school are able to achieve new levels of success and confidence through the expert support of a dedicated team of four full-time and appropriately qualified teachers.
These pupils are fully integrated into the school curriculum, except for three to five 35-minute sessions each week, when they are taught in small groups by staff from the Learning Support Department. These sessions help them become independent learners who can achieve their full potential in coursework, examinations and study skills, so fitting them for life after school.
Our Learning Support Department is fully resourced with computers and a wide range of teaching materials. Pupils are fully integrated with the rest of the school. Our nationally respected department works closely with subject teachers and the heads of other departments to help, support and motivate the pupils.
The following comments are taken from a very pleasing report following an inspection conducted by CReSTeD of the school’s special needs provision in September 2013:
"The pupils with learning difficulties progress as well as the other pupils. These pupils benefit from the additional support available in the 'Greens' [SpLD] department which is a strength of the school."
"The personal development of all pupils is excellent with the relationship between staff and pupils and amongst pupils themselves congenial and mutually respectful. The personal qualities promoted by the Christian ethos and aims of the school are outstanding. The excellent pastoral care of the pupils is a strength of the school." 
"Access to relevant information is very good. Teacher's planning makes reference to seating arrangements, differentiation in many guises e.g. by task, outcome or through a prepared worksheet. All classrooms were well ordered, well lit and distraction free. All presentations using interactive whiteboards were clear with good use of colour and diagrams and presentations were revealed in small stages to aid reading and understanding."
"There is a very comprehensive system for identifying pupils. Collating information and updating grades and progress is done regularly. Parents are always involved."
"All the pupils [interviewed] ranging from Year 8 to Year 13 thought very highly of Kingham Hill and especially of the Learning Support Unit, Greens. They had all used the service to some extent over the years. The majority had been sent to Kingham Hill because of the reputation of supporting pupils with SpLD/Dyslexia. They all thought that teachers throughout the school supprted them well and could not improve their delivery or teaching. A large number boarded and found the support during Prep by a 'Greens' member of staff particularly useful. They were all very happy at Kingham Hill and pleased to be back after a long summer holiday."
"All seven parents were unanimous in their respect and gratitude for what Kingham Hill has done for their children. A number had been diagnosed whilst at Kingham Hill although others applied because of the reputation of the school. They feel that their children have made very good progress. All mentioned, in particular, the growth in their children's confidence and being happy at school." 



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