Kingham Hill School welcomes pupils who wish to join our friendly, thriving school to make the most of the endless opportunities to excel both in and out of the classroom.

Entrance Requirements

We do not select pupils on the basis of current academic achievement. We are looking to identify pupils who are likely to flourish, both academically and personally, if offered a place. We are rarely able to appropriately support pupils with ADHD, autism or who have behavioural difficulties.


The Headmaster, or occasionally in his absence, the Deputy Headmaster, meets each family when they visit. If you have applied for a place, this is likely to take the form of an informal interview.


Before we are able to take your interest further you need to complete our Registration Form and return it, along with a non-returnable deposit of £100, to Mrs Jo Cavan, Registrar.


Pupils applying for a place are invited for an assessment at the school. The assessment consists of tests in English, Mathematics and general reasoning skills. School reports from the child's current school are also requested, unless we are instructed otherwise.
Assessment Days are held in November and March for those entering in September. For those applying after this date, separate arrangements will be made. The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that Kingham Hill is an appropriate school for the pupil. Those from preparatory schools normally take Kingham Hill tests, but may also take Common Entrance Examination.

International Students

Pupils from overseas who are unable to visit, but would like to be considered for a place at the school, can be assessed on school reports and examples of work. Most are introduced to us by international recruiting agents who administer assessment tests on our behalf. You can find out more about being an international pupil here.


Once pupils have taken our assessment tests and have been interviewed by the Headmaster a letter will be issued setting out whether the school is able to offer a place. The place is secured once the school has received the acceptance form and deposit.

Uniform Cost

We have a school uniform and full details of this are given in the joining information. The cost of equipping the average 12 year old is approximately £400.

Clothing Store

You can purchase uniform items from the school's Clothing Store. The Store is open during term time and also during the summer break, by appointment.

Please contact Mrs Jo Cavan, Registrar, if you have any questions.

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