“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labour in vain.” Ps.127:1

All parents want the following for their children: a wholesome environment that promotes and instills strong moral values, encourages personal responsibility, and develops confident characters who have a concern for the needs of others. At Kingham Hill we recognise that such an ethos cannot exist in a vacuum, and we are a proudly Christian school. We welcome pupils of all faith backgrounds and none, providing a tolerant and welcoming community that allows young people the freedom to wrestle with ultimate questions, and come to their own conclusions.
Academically, these are exciting times for Kingham Hill. We believe that schools like ours are increasingly important in maintaining the foundations which have so shaped our culture. We hold that the study of the humanities is rooted in the Biblical assertion that humanity is made in the image of God, and that modern science grew out of the intellectual commitments of Christian Western Europe.
Our school was founded in 1886 by the Christian philanthropist Charles Edward Baring Young, a man who was never comfortable with the term ‘institution’, and instead used his wealth to fund boarding houses offering a family home to pupils of all backgrounds. We seek to uphold his charitable vision, and his insistence on the importance of feeding both body and soul in all we do.
Kingham Hill is most definitely a school that believes in educating the ‘whole person’. We seek not only academic excellence, but rounded young people who know what it means to love both God and their neighbour.
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