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Christmas Music from the Hill

Thanks to BBC Radio Oxford for granting permission for their recording of the service from chapel during the 1970's to be reproduced. The recording of the Christmas Carol service was made in 1955. This recording was salvaged by Lloyd Silverthorne (then a pupil) from the waste bin. It has since been converted from magnetic tape to CD, and now to MP3.

Click here to listen to the audio files.

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Extracts from a Service of Nine Lessons and Carols - 1955

A Chapel Service recorded by BBC Radio Oxford 1970s

1. Hymn - Once in Royal David's City

15. Introduction from BBC Radio Oxford

2. Carol - Angels from the Realms

16. Introit - O Come ye Servants

3. Carol - This is the Truth

17. Introduction - EC Cooper

4. Hymn - While Shepherds - last verse

18. Hymn - Praise my Soul

5. Lesson St Luke ii (unknown reader)

19. Prayers - Rev H. Wilkinson

6. Carol - O Little one Sweet

20. Hymn - A Man was Born

7. Carol - Sing Lullaby

21. Introduction - Rev H. Wilkinson

8. Lesson - St Luke ii (unknown reader)

22. Hymn - Lord Jesus Christ

9. Hymn - It Came Upon a Midnight

23. Introduction - Rev H. Wilkinson

10. Lesson - St Matthew ii (EC Cooper)

24. Choir - Jubilate Deo - Stanford in Bb

11. Carol - Luly Myne Lyking

25. Introduction - Rev H. Wilkinson

12. Carol - Silent Night

26. Hymn - All Creatures of our God

13. Hymn - Hark the Herald Angels

27. Reading - St John 20 v19-29 (Christopher Baker)

14. Hymn - While Shepherds Watched

28. Hymn - God of Grace

29. The Blessing

30 Hymn - Ye That Know

Warden EC Cooper

A wonderful audio memory from a BBC Radio Oxford Chapel service at Christmas, recorded in the 1970s featuring Warden E C Cooper, 1954 - 1978. Click here for the audio file.

Life on the Hill in 1979 - a film

Mark Huckle, a former teacher at Kingham Hill and now full time videographer, put together this great film showing what life was like on the Hill in 1979 from his time there. With the exception of female pupils and the new Veritas building, not much has changed! Click on his website here to see more: