Our History

Kingham Hill was purpose built by the Christian philanthropist Charles Edward Baring Young in 1886.

He put his faith into practice by establishing it as a place where boys with a boarding need could be educated and prepared for life.

In the early days the school was a virtually self-sufficient community. It had a farm, a wide range of workshops, a school building, a chapel, a sanatorium and various boarding houses. The Founder ensured that every Kingham child learned to read and write, gained a trade and had the benefit of understanding the Christian faith.

On leaving, the boys could progress to opportunities and new homes in London, or emigrate to a farm the Founder owned in Canada and make their life in the New World.

The Kingham Hill Trust, established by the Founder, administers the school and its sister foundation, Oak Hill Theological College in London.

Today, we are a co-educational school for girls and boys aged 11-18. We continue the Founder's vision by providing an excellent all-round education, coupled with varied extra-curricular activities and experiences that thoroughly prepare our children to leave us as happy, rounded and resilient young people ready to succeed in their future lives.