Vision & Mission

Our mission is to provide an excellent all-round education within a distinctively Christian context. We welcome talented pupils from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances, and aim to produce young people of vision, faith and character, who are well-qualified and equipped to flourish in their adult lives.

The School’s new 15 Year Strategic Plan, Realising Our Vision is now available and this document builds on the 2020 Vision, where a number of the key objectives have now been achieved, and sets out a roadmap for the future of the School.

In this new rolling 15 year strategy, the Governors and Senior Management Team have articulated ten themes that they believe define Kingham Hill and which will help to shape the future of the school. These strategic themes encompass all that is most important to the continued development of the school: from the Christian ethos to academic rigour and extra-curricular breadth, ensuring we support pupils to reach their potential, whilst making the most of our location and remaining a family school of around 400 children.