American Program

The American Program at Kingham Hill School offers American pupils and their families the best of both worlds: a first class American education taught by dedicated experts, coupled with the rich cultural experience of learning within a British school that has been educating and developing young people for almost 130 years. For more information on Admissions and how to apply, please click here.

US Program at Kingham Hill

An American High School in England

The US Program at Kingham Hill is unique. The American Program at Kingham Hill School was developed a little over fifteen years ago in conjunction with the US State Department. Today Kingham Hill remains one of only two UK independent schools to be fully accredited to offer a US high school diploma alongside a British education. This accreditation is with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) and is recognised by the US Department of Education.

Pupils on the American Program

Those pupils who are following the American Program with the aim of graduating with their high school diploma will be supported throughout their years at Kingham with specialist teaching and our Program Director, Mr Jonathan Furst. He can be reached at

The best of a UK and US education

The best of a UK education

As a UK independent school, Kingham Hill has excelled at providing a well-rounded education where pupils regularly rank in the top quartile in national exams and gain admission to their chosen universities.

UK and International pupils benefit from:

  • Being a part of a house and tutor group. Whether day or boarding, all pupils receive the care and support of a house parent and tutor, while enjoying the comradery of their peers in tutor groups.
  • Having access to rigorous GCSE and A level courses, contributing to a strong transcript for US and UK universities.
  • Participation in the formative 6th Form program in which pupils enjoy more independence while growing in responsibility and leadership. Click here for more information on the Sixth Form.

The best of a US education

In addition to providing a uniquely English educational experience, the American Program ensures that its participants are well-prepared to transition easily to schools and universities in the US or elsewhere.

The American Program does this through:

  • Serving as a fully approved College Board testing site and offering SAT prep.
  • Offering courses required for a US diploma, such as US Government and Politics and American Literature. Providing a fully accredited transcript and, for pupils who finish at Kingham, a diploma. 
  • Offering AP courses.

Advising and learning support

No pupil's academic journey is the same, but all need guidance and support along the way. Whatever a pupil’s academic ability, KHS is committed to ensuring pupils are provided the support they need to thrive.

  • Counselling and placement services are offered to graduating pupils who plan to enrol at US or British colleges and universities. Support includes SAT prep, advice and feedback on college personal statements, and guidance on academic timetables to ensure that pupils take classes best suited to the university programs they aspire to be accepted to. For pupils with special educational needs (including an IEP or 504 plan), our Greens Department is available to offer personalized learning support. Click here for more information on learning support at Kingham Hill.