English Language GCSE

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

What is the IGCSE about?

The IGCSE in English Language is a course that explores the written word and develops the ability to write with precision, power and flair. Pupils read and analyse a range of fiction, poetry and nonfiction extracts as part of the course--all whilst being encouraged to read widely of their own volition. English Language is vital for academic attainment across the curriculum, so honing functional writing skills is a key priority: pupils learn to write accurately with ambitious yet precise vocabulary, and organisation in written work is of paramount importance.

What does the IGCSE consist of?

The IGCSE in English Language comprises 60% exam and 40% coursework. 

The exam component includes examination on:

  • Ten nonfiction extracts
  • Transactional writing

The written coursework component includes

  • Analysis of poetry and prose texts
  • Imaginative writing