Mathematics GCSE

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

GCSE Mathematics is a compulsory subject and all pupils will attend and take exams in this subject. At Kingham Hill School we take the Edexcel Mathematics GCSE which is a 2 year course that is assessed through written examinations in the summer of the final year. The GCSE can be taken at Foundation or Higher level and pupils will be entered at the appropriate level depending on their ability. At Foundation level pupils can gain Grades 1 to 5, whereas at Higher level they can gain Grades 3 to 9  (Grade 9 is the highest).

In line with the national curriculum, we cover the following areas:

  • Numbers
  • Algebra
  • Ratios, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and Measures
  • Probability
  • Statistics

We stream all mathematics classes and at Key Stage it is normal to have 4 sets. This allows us to differentiate the work that each set completes and they are able to move at an independent pace, depending on the class ability. It would be usual for the less able set to study at Foundation level whilst all other sets would commence the Higher level. If required, a class or individual can move to the Foundation level at any time but this may require a set move. Whatever the decision, this will be discussed with the pupil and parents.

Assessment is done through three written papers. The first paper is a non-calculator paper, testing pupils’ mental maths ability and placing them in an everyday situation where calculators are not always available. The final two papers are conducted with calculators and there is no specific focus to either paper. All papers carry the same weight.