Physical Education

Exam Board: OCR

A level PE is all about extending and enhancing their understanding of sport, physiology, psychology and socio-cultural influences. It builds on the content covered at GCSE and goes deeper into the anatomy of the human body, explores a wider variety of psychological concepts and a more accurate examination of the socio-cultural influences of past and present sport.

The syllabus consists of

Topic 1 - Physiological Factors Affecting Performance

  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Biomechanics

Topic 2 - Psychological Factors Affecting Performance

  • Skill Acquisition
  • Sports Psychology

Topic 3 - Socio-Cultural Issues in Physical Activity and Sport

  • Sport and Society
  • Contemporary Issues in Physical Activity and Sport

Topic 4 - Practical and Analysis of Performance

  • Practical Performance
  • EAPI - evaluation of performance and plan a development program (verbal response video task)

Whilst it is not a requirement to study GCSE PE it certainly will give the pupil a solid understanding of the basic concepts which are not taught in the A-Level as they are presumed knowledge. If a pupil wanted to take A-Level PE, and not have took PE at GCSE level then we would be looking for a solid practical ability in 1 sport as well as a strong understanding of biology.

The subject would suit anyone looking to take a step into a career in sport or a candidate looking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of their passion in sport. There are thousands of sports degrees and careers in sport and A-Level PE is an excellent stepping stone. To include a few:- Physiotherapy, PE Teacher, Sports Nutritionist and Sports Biomechanics.