ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages

Our specialist ESOL teachers deliver bespoke language support designed to improve confidence and understanding of the English language.

The courses are practical and are developed to help pupils communicate effectively both in the classroom situation, in the boarding houses and in the community. Pupils are encouraged to read: there is a small ESOL library and a selection of graded ESOL materials to encourage the concept of independent learning.

ESOL at Kingham Hill School

The aim of the department is to improve pupils’ English attainment so that can sit the appropriate Cambridge ESOL examination. Every pupil is regularly assessed and entered for an external exam appropriate to their level of English.

It is anticipated that once pupils have reached the required level of English they will participate in the full academic curriculum without the need for further ESOL support, however the department is on hand to offer support throughout pupils time at the school.

Pupils can bring work from other subject areas to the ESOL department for further explanation, clarification and help with accuracy of written answers. The ESOL teachers liaise closely with other subject staff and boarding house staff to ensure the wellbeing of overseas pupils and to cater fully for their needs.

There are after school ESOL clubs where pupils are offered off-timetable support and the chance to learn more about British life and culture. All pupils are encouraged to make full use of the help offered by the department, which includes academic, practical and emotional support.