GCSE Geography

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

Why should I choose this subject

Geography is a relevant, hands on subject that helps pupils make sense of the world around them. Michael Palin recently said that Geography “..... broadens the mind. That’s one obvious thing, but also I think it just helps us to understand how other countries are the way they are, and this is really very important in just helping us to realise that we all share the same planet and we should know more about what makes us different as well as what makes us similar.”
Geography GCSE will help pupils to think deeply about some of the most pressing issues of our time by deepening their  understanding of geographical processes and the impact of complex people-environment interactions.

What does the subject consist of?

The topics you study are divided into physical and human ones and include:

  • Hazardous Earth (Climate Change & Geophysical Hazards)
  • The UK’s Evolving Physical Landscape, Development Dynamics
  • Challenges of an Urbanizing World
  • The UK’s Evolving Human Landscape
  • Geographical Investigations (Fieldwork)
  • People and the Biosphere
  • Forests Under Threat and Consuming Energy Resources

How is the subject assessed?

There are 3 exams:

  1. Global Geographical Issues
  2. UK Geographical Issues
  3. Decision Making Exercise

Whom does the subject suit?

The subject will suit anyone who has an enquiring mind about the world around them. Skills which make for a good geographer include organisation, good literacy and numeracy or a willingness to improve these; being ready to state what they think based on evidence, being willing to work and discuss their learning with other pupils and a readiness to ask questions about their learning.

What else should pupils consider before choosing this subject?

There are lots of geography related careers including flood management, conservation, tourism and travel, urban planning, policy advisor on climate change, GIS analyst or cartographer.