Drama GCSE


Do you ever watch a film and wish that it could be you acting on the silver screen?

The first step to realising that dream is GCSE Drama, as this course is for anyone with a love for acting, the theatre, and television and film. The subject provides pupils with a high degree of self-confidence, and develops their presentation ability by enabling them to speak to an audience.

Units of study

Pupils will study three different components: Understanding Drama

Drawing upon the techniques and devices they learn during classroom based lessons, pupils will comprehensively study one chosen play. In addition to this, pupils will also analyse a live performance. Knowledge and evidence of the pupils’ understanding of this unit will be assessed in an examination.

Devising Drama

Pupils have the opportunity to combine their technical knowledge and acting abilities in this unit through creating a play from scratch. Once completed pupils will take to the stage and perform, where they will be assessed.

Texts in Practice

Focusing on the understanding of written text and physical interpretation, pupils will perform two extracts from a play.