English Language GCSE


GCSE English Language is a compulsory subject for all pupils going into 4th Form. The subject

provides the opportunity for pupils to build upon and develop what they have previously learned. It is rigorous and essential for all pupils if they wish to progress to Sixth Form and Higher Education.

This GCSE comprises of many elements that provide a well rounded and complete foundation

for the study of the English language. Topics studied during the two years include: non-fiction,

creative writing and writing to persuade using rhetorical devices.

Units of study

Pupils will complete two main units:

Coursework (40%)

Using the various principles and techniques studied during the unit, pupils will undertake a creative writing piece and an analytical essay.

Examination (60%)

There are three main sections to this paper and the pupils have to attempt all of these: unseen non-fiction; non-fiction analysis; and a writing to inform or persuade task.