French GCSE


A modern language is of obvious worth in a world where not “everyone speaks English”. A language encourages us to have a perspective which does not stop at the white cliffs of Dover.

French is spoken by 200 million people worldwide and is an official language in 29 countries.Proficiency in the language can open up a whole new world of culture and thought. The language of our closest neighbour is useful in an ever growing global market.

Units of study

Pupils will study for four papers:

Paper 1 (25%)

Listening and understanding in French (50 minutes), questions in French and English.

Paper 2 (25%)

Speaking in French (12 minutes after 12 minutes’ preparation time). A role play followed by a discussion based on a picture supplied by the exam board and a conversation on two of the prescribed themes.

Paper 3 (25%)

Reading and understanding in French (1 hour), questions in French and English followed by a translation passage from French into English.

Paper 4 (25%)

Writing in French (1 hour and 20 minutes), two passages of free composition (90 words and 150 words respectively) followed by a translation passage from English into French.