Geography GCSE


Michael Palin recently stated that “I think it (geography) broadens the mind. That’s one obvious thing, but also I think it just helps us to understand how other countries are the way they are, and this is really very important in just helping us to realise that we all share the same planet and we should know more about what makes us different as well as what makes us similar.”

Geography is a subject of our time and the teachers at Kingham Hill aim to inspire our pupils to engage with the world around them. Pupils investigate geographical issues and themes in a wide variety of creative ways including the latest digital mapping and geographical information systems. Through excellent teaching and learning, pupils are helped to make sense of complex and interconnected global and national issues.

The Edexcel course largely contains topics on physical and human geography and there are 3 exams. Pupil’s learning is extended through fieldwork to various physical and human environments.

Units of study

Pupils will study for three papers:

Paper 1: Global Geographical Issues

  • Topic 1: Hazardous Earth
  • Topic 2: Development dynamics
  • Topic 3: Challenges of an urbanising world

Paper 2: UK Geographical Issues

  • Topic 4: The UK’s evolving physical landscape
  • Topic 5: The UK’s evolving human landscape
  • Topic 6: Geographical investigations

Paper 3: People and Environmental Issues: Making Geographical Decisions

  • Topic 7: People and the biosphere
  • Topic 8: Forests under threat.
  • Topic 9: Consuming energy resources