Latin GCSE


“Do you want to understand the greatest civilisation of the ancient world?”

“Do you want to understand your own language better?”

“Do you want to look smart?”

If your answer to these questions is “ita vero”, then it is time to make your way to the Latin quarter! If you think having a modern language under your belt will make you stand out in the future when it comes to finding the best jobs or the best places at university, then having Latin on your C.V. can take you even further. Latin is not for everyone. It will mean a great deal of hard work. The course is intensive: you will learn to be strict with your grammar and picky with your translations; you will appreciate the wonders of classical literature.

Units of study

Pupils will study for three papers:

Language (50%)

Translation into English and comprehension. Pupils will also need to recognise, analyse explain relevant grammatical constructions.

Prose Literature B (25%)

Translation, analysis and commentary on prescribed prose literature texts from the Cambridge Latin Anthology.

Verse Literature B (25%)

Translation, analysis and commentary on prescribed excerpts from Virgil’s Aeneid.