Theology GCSE


Theology has been described as the ‘queen of sciences’ because it weaves together many subjects and it tries to explain the reason behind them. This is a bold claim! Studying theology is increasingly valued at universities and in employment, as theology encourages pupils to ask the big questions of life, think the unthinkable and see how different people have come to their own conclusions.

Units of study

Pupils will study two religions:


After establishing the beliefs of the Christian faith, pupils will go onto study how Christianity is practised by examining various ethical and philosophical questions.


Pupils will study all aspects of the Jewish faith, gaining a solid foundation and understanding of the religion before going on to explore how Judaism is practised worldwide.


There are two papers at the end of 5th Form. The first paper is on the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Judaism. The second paper is on the ethical and philosophical topics that are studied during 4th and 5th Form. Each paper lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes and is worth 50% of the overall grade. There is no coursework.