Triple Science GCSE


For some, the double award in science simply isn’t enough! Pupils who are passionate about all three sciences have an opportunity to delve deeper by studying Triple Science. This involves studying extra content for biology, chemistry and physics and this will lead to a GCSE qualification in each of these separate subjects. Wherever possible, pupils will carry out experiments for themselves to aid their understanding, the perfect foundation for study at A level.

Units of study

Pupils will study three units:


This unit will investigate topics on cell biology; organisation; bioenergetics; homeostasis and response; variation and evolution and ecology.


Topics that will be explored include quantitative chemistry; chemical changes; the rate and extent of chemical change; organic chemistry; and chemical analysis.


Pupils will study topics of energy; electricity; particle model of matter; forces; waves; magnetism and electromagnetism.

There are six papers at the end of 5th Form - two per unit. Each paper will be 1 hour and 45 minutes long.

The practical component will be assessed through end of year exams. All pupils are required to complete a certain number of required practicals to receive the practical endorsement.