The Art department aims to provide a space where all pupils are given the learning opportunities, support and encouragement necessary to help them develop and explore their creativity through the exploration of the visual world, the development of their skills and imaginative capabilities.

We hope to provide an education in the visual arts which is stimulating, exciting and challenging, allowing pupils the freedom to question, the ability to reflect, to learn from mistakes, to build a sense of their own identity and their place in the wider world. We hope to instil a sense of curiosity, of wonder, of tolerance, of opportunity, empathy, creative diversity and cultural awareness.

Forms 1-3 are introduced to a broad range of skills and materials, from drawing and painting through to print-making, mixed-media, ceramics and photography. Projects are designed to be enjoyable and stimulating, offering challenge and the opportunity for pupils of all levels to succeed and develop confidence. Individuality and self-expression are encouraged.

Our Schemes of Work are refreshed on a regular basis but typically might cover areas such as landscape and portraits alongside less traditional themes such as Pop Art, Street Art, Illustration, the art and artefacts of other cultures, Environmental and Protest Art and other more contemporary and topical subjects. Pupils are encouraged to explore links with the work of artists and designers, learning to appreciate and value images and to understand the contexts in which they were made. Sketchbooks are used to complete research, draw, experiment and explore personal thoughts and ideas

We also aim to develop an awareness of careers in the creative sector and its importance in the world around us. We want to help pupils become independent thinkers, who are able to respond to a brief, who can solve problems, who have resilience and drive and a desire to aim for the very best standards.