At KS3 Drama, our main aim is to foster appreciation and enjoyment of the arts through a rich curriculum that explores a wide range of theatrical skills and styles. The two main principles that underpin the KS3 curriculum are teamwork and practical engagement. Through these, pupils are encouraged to explore themes, issues and topics; as well as providing opportunities to question pupils’ own understanding of the wider world by literally ‘stepping’ into someone else’s shoes.

The structure of the curriculum allows for a natural progression; in the first form pupils are introduced to the fundamental principles of acting with an emphasis on developing physical, vocal and movement skills as a performer; by the end of Third form, pupils are encouraged to consolidate their knowledge and understanding to create a devised performance in response to stimuli.  

Year 1

Michaelmas term: Drama Skills and Knowledge (theatrical and acting skills)
Lent term: Interpreting Texts (Stanislavski and actor training)
Trinity term:Performance Styles (Physical Theatre)

Year 2

Michaelmas term: Shakespearean Drama (Macbeth)
Lent term: Performance Styles (Commedia dell'arte)
Trinity term: Monologues

Year 3

Michaelmas term: Classic Theatre Performance (Greek Plays)
Lent term: Contemporary Plays (Blood Brothers)
Trinity term: Devising Plays