Science is, at its heart, the study of the physical world we live in; and how we as humans make sense of what we observe. It is from this understanding that new discoveries are made, technology created and medicines designed.

From the outset of the 1st Form we want to provide pupils with a passionate introduction to a wide range of subject areas, and so the three disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics are taught by a subject specialist with expert knowledge and experience. This serves to provide all pupils with a foundation of key knowledge and skills giving a vital platform for success at GCSE and A level, as well as the ability to take a life-long interest in the world around them.

We believe that science is best done through interaction and direct observation and so regular practical work is carried out (from biological dissections to observations of chemical reactions and the behaviour of electrical circuits). Hands-on activities help to cement understanding, develop good investigative skills, and make science lessons engaging and stimulating.

Science is a compulsory GCSE for all pupils, and in the 3rd Form pupils begin studying towards these qualifications. Topics are carefully selected to set all pupils up for success at the end of the 5th Form, providing ample time to cover the specification content whilst continuing to allow time to foster curiosity and experimental work.