CTech Sport

Exam Board: WJEC

CTech Sport is everything sport, with 26 units to choose from the topics include Anatomy, Psychology, Nutrition and Coaching. The assessment method is different from the A level as it 100% non-examined and vary depending on the strengths and requirements of the pupil. Posters, videos, reports and leaflets have all been used in the past.

There are 4 compulsory units which make up each qualification and there different qualifications available to the pupil. A unit is made up of 3 levels, PASS, MERIT and DISTINCTION. The qualifications are made up of 19 units, 13 units, 10 units and 7 units, all worth UCAS points based on levels achieved in each unit. Of the optional units available to the pupils they can also complete additional units in their independent study time to achieve the higher level qualifications. Due to the non-examined assessment it is not necessary to have take GCSE PE prior to taking the CTech course.

CTech is ideal for those pupils who struggle with formal examinations and prefer the project based assessment. It will require management of deadlines however as the work will pile up if not submitted on time. Other skills that would be useful are presenting skills and research skills. We run a bi-annual trip to the BodyWorlds exhibit in London.

All wider reading around sport will lend itself to CTech sport due to the variety of content available. Mrs Rigby and Mr Cartwright cover the lessons and they will set work and projects for their topics.