Subject Areas

Art, Photography

Art is a vital subject as a tool for communication and visual understanding and is becoming an ever present force in the careers of the modern world. It is highly valued by employers as it shows individuality and uniqueness, and a wider, more imaginative viewpoint. Read more.

Design and Technology, Engineering

As we progress through the 21st century, technology is increasingly becoming more integral to everyday life. However, there is still a demand for the ‘old’ skills and the D&T department prides itself upon its approach to delivering a balanced curriculum that encompasses both up-to-date and traditional making skills. Read more.


The Drama Department is housed in a specialist Drama/Dance Studio within School Leisure Centre. Our extensive courses provide pupils with instructions and guidance in acting skills and public speaking as well as other related areas such as improvisation and stagecraft (eg. lighting, set design, costumes etc.). Read more.


Pupils studying for their GCSEs and A levels can take Economics as one of their options. A compelling subject that intrigues all analytical thinkers, Economics studies individual markets, business operations, national and global economies, and government intervention. Read more


The English Department at Kingham Hill aims to encourage an appreciation of reading for pleasure, and the ability to write with precision, power and flair. Read more.


The geography department aims to inspire pupils to engage with the world around them. Pupils investigate geographical issues and themes in a wide variety of creative ways including the latest digital mapping and geographical information systems. Through excellent teaching and learning pupils are helped to make sense of complex and interconnected global issues. Read more.

History and Politics

History is an increasingly valuable subject, highly regarded by educational establishments and employers alike. Studying history helps pupils to travel back through time and discover how the world today has evolved and provides them with the context to understand the society in which they live. Read more.


Our aim is to give pupils confidence and structure to communicate in their chosen language. We are not ashamed of focusing on grammar: without it, pupils cannot understand how to create sentences. Read more.


Our Mathematics Department is dedicated to ensuring all pupils enjoy the subject and are continually challenged and supported to succeed. Many pupils enjoy the variety that this subject has to offer and find it interesting to explore the different branches of Mathematics. Read more.


Music plays a central role in the life of the school, and all our pupils are encouraged to discover and further their musical ability. Every pupil in Year 7 and 8 is given an instrument and tuition in small groups is provided to enable every pupil to reach a standard where they can access the GCSE course should they wish to do so. Read more.

Physical Education

From Year 7 to 13 all pupils at Kingham Hill School are given the opportunity to participate in Physical Education as part of their timetable through team matches in rugby, hockey, football, netball and cricket as well as a variety of sports in the extra-curricular activities. Read more.


In the Science department we encourage pupils to discover more about how the world around us works and to develop an appreciation for the speed of new discoveries and how these can be used to benefit our lives. We believe that Science is a practical course and encourage practical work as often as possible. Read more.


Theology helps young people to discuss ideas, think critically, enjoy current affairs and contemplate the bigger questions of life. Beyond preparation for further study or a career, Theology helps pupils to have a “life well lived” marked by virtue and inquisitive, independent learning. Read more.