Design & Technology

As we progress through the 21st century, technology is increasingly becoming more integral to everyday life. However, there is still a demand for the ‘old’ skills and the D&T department prides itself upon its approach to delivering a balanced curriculum that encompasses both up-to-date and traditional making skills. We believe in a supportive, hands-on and experimental approach to design which challenges all our pupils to develop their own abilities.

After KS3, we offer GCSE and A level Product Design that can lead to, and support the pupil into many avenues of further study and employment. Typically, our pupils go on to study Engineering, Architecture and Design related degrees but we have had some who head towards Law, Business or the Humanities.

Alongside the practical experiences, pupils will develop many additional skills to those taught in our well-equipped and resourced workshops. These can include problem solving as well as time and project management which are of great benefit in all aspects of life beyond school.

The new Head of Department, Ms White obtained a First Class Honours BSc in Architectural Technology from the University of Brighton and joined the school in September 2017 following a number of years teaching at Brighton College. She is ably supported by a full-time technician who has a BEng Aeronautical Engineering degree.