The English Department at Kingham Hill aims to encourage an appreciation of reading for pleasure, and the ability to write with precision, power and flair.

English is vital for academic attainment across the curriculum and to that end the pupils are encouraged to write accurately and with impact. There is reading and analysis of classic literature from Dickens to Shakespeare, as well as learning about the art of persuasion using rhetorical devices, e.g. the tricolon.

Pupils are also expected to learn how to appreciate, analyse and discuss texts independently; and ultimately to leave Kingham Hill equipped to express their ideas eloquently.

Although the pupils study set texts each year, they are encouraged to read widely of their own volition. There are also occasions for cross-curricular links with other departments, e.g. the study World War I literature and history at the beginning of Year 9.

All pupils are entered for Edexcel iGCSE English Language at the end of Year 11, and some (with aptitude) tackle the Literature course too. During the course our pupils produce three pieces of coursework, including an extended piece of creative writing.

English Literature is also offered at A level in the Sixth Form. For A level, the pupils will be following the new Edexcel specifications including modules on Tragedy (Dr Faustus and King Lear), poetry, and the supernatural (Dracula, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights).

As a department we also have a programme of theatre trips, predominantly to the RSC, to help bring the curriculum to life.

Our English department is led by Mrs Heywood-Lonsdale with Mr Rees, Mr Elliot and Mrs Seward completing the team. Our department have a wide variety experience with BA (Hons) and MAs from the University of Stirling, Liverpool, York, Canterbury and Oxford.