Music plays a central role in the life of the school, and all our pupils are encouraged to discover and further their musical ability.

Every pupil in Year 7 and 8 is given an instrument and tuition in small groups is provided to enable every pupil to reach a standard where they can access the GCSE course should they wish to do so. This culminates in a massed orchestral performance at the end of each year in which every pupil in both year groups performs.

This scheme is supported by our team of 14 visiting instrumental specialists, three of whom bring experience from having previously led music departments in other schools, and the full-time staff includes graduates from Oxford.

Those pupils progressing to GCSE and A Level will continue to study a variety of music in greater depth, including music from the Western classical tradition as well as film music and popular music. As a creative subject, Music at A level is both challenging and rewarding. It covers a broad range of skills from essay-writing and musical analysis to performance and composition. The most important requirements are a willingness to expand your own musical creativity and a readiness to explore the music of others.

All pupils are encouraged to sing in the Chapel Choir and join the Concert Band or String Orchestra, as well as number of other smaller ensembles, which perform on a termly basis and undertake occasional tours in the UK or abroad.