Theology helps young people to discuss ideas, think critically, enjoy current affairs and contemplate the bigger questions of life. Beyond preparation for further study or a career, Theology helps pupils to have a “life well lived” marked by virtue and inquisitive, independent learning.

Theology is taught from Year 7 to 9 with the option to carry on studying at GCSE and A level. GCSE pupils follow the AQA Specification A courses in Christianity and Judaism. Here the respective beliefs, practices and lifestyles are considered. These schemes of work include journeys into ethics and philosophy. At A level, we follow the OCR courses in Ethics, Philosophy and Theology (DCT). Both GCSE and A level will consider abstract issues, as well as practically applying knowledge to real issues in society today.

Universities and employers increasingly value the critical thinking skills that are honed in Theology. The debates and sharpening of thinking is enhanced by diverse pupil viewpoints. Past pupils have gone on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics, medicine, international relations, languages and law at university.