US Program and American Studies

Kingham Hill School offers American pupils and their families the best of both worlds: a first class American education taught by dedicated experts, coupled with the rich cultural experience of learning within a British school that has been educating and developing young people for almost 130 years

US Program at Kingham Hill

American High School in England

The US Program at Kingham Hill is unique.

It allows US pupils the educational opportunity to study at a traditional British boarding school whilst continuing to meet US educational requirements during their time abroad. It is one of a handful of schools in the UK where pupils can graduate with a High School Diploma.The program is the first of its kind in the UK and was developed in conjunction with the US State Department. Kingham Hill School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) and is recognised by the US Department of Education.


American curriculum

For pupils who are unable to remain at Kingham Hill through to graduation, academic coursework is conducted to ensure that they will continue working at US grade-level to transition successfully to their next school. Pupils participating in the US Program are offered specific US classes such as US History, American Government and Economics which apply toward their diploma and prepare them for the transition beyond Kingham Hill.  

The School is also an accredited test centre for PSATs and SATs®.

American High School transcript

Participants in the US Program are provided with an American transcript upon leaving Kingham Hill. All coursework completed as part of the British National Curriculum is translated into American school credits and course grades. American pupils who remain at Kingham Hill and complete 12th grade will earn a recognized US High School diploma and receive their qualification in a traditional cap and gown ceremony on Speech Day.


To support pupils joining the Kingham Hill community, the school’s Ambassador Program pairs each incoming student with a peer who shares similar interests, to help them with their social and academic transition.

The American Student Council at KHS is made up of members from all years of the student body. Student Council helps pupils with their transition to KHS and organises events around traditional American holidays. An end of year BBQ and high school graduation ceremony are just two of the highlights of the year.

Counselling services and placement advice are offered to graduating pupils planning to enrol at US or British colleges and universities. Support includes SAT prep, advice and feedback on college personal statements, and guidance on academic timetables to ensure that pupils take classes best suited to the university programs they aspire to be accepted to.


American pupils attending Kingham Hill are fully integrated into the British educational system. A personalised academic plan based on a student’s year of entry and anticipated stay in the UK is developed for each American pupil.

Best of American and English education

The US Program at Kingham Hill welcomes pupils from all nationalities who are interested in studying in the US or taking accredited US courses. Past British and international pupils who have benefited from the program include athletic pupils who have received scholarships to play sport at a US university, or pupils who aim to study at a US institution. The support and guidance provided in preparing for SATs and completing American university application forms have led to a successful placements at university. All pupils receive personalised guidance based on their circumstances and aspirations.

Graduates of the US Program embark upon the next stage of their journey equipped to excel at the very best universities within Europe and the United States, prepared by the excellent academic and pastoral standards which are the cornerstones of Kingham Hill School.

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For more information, please email Jonathan Furst,Director of the US Program.