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Registration fee


Payable on registration (non-refundable) £100 (£150 for international pupils 1)



Please see the School's Terms and Conditions for information on how and when the Acceptance Deposit and/or the Additional Deposit may be refunded.

Acceptance Deposit

Payable by the parents of each pupil on acceptance of a place:

Day £600

Boarding £750

Additional Deposit

Payable in addition to the Acceptance Deposit by parents who are resident outside the United Kingdom.


Fees per term


Junior (First and Second Forms) Day £5965

Senior (Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms) Day £6795

Sixth Form Day £6795


Junior (First and Second Forms) Weekly Boarding 2 £8450

Junior (First and Second Forms) Full Boarding £8720

Senior (Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms) Weekly Boarding 2 £9995

Senior (Third, Fourth and Fifth Forms) Full Boarding £10965

Sixth Form (Lower and Upper Sixth) Weekly Boarding 2 £10435

Sixth Form (Lower and Upper Sixth) Full Boarding 3 £11450

Fees include such items as boarding and laundry charges, tuition, lunch (for all pupils), breakfast and supper (for boarders), the loan of generic textbooks, Pupil Personal Accident Insurance and the majority of options in the activities programme. Exam charges, UK exam transcript requests and duplicate certificates or transcripts are not included in fees.

1. Additional charge covers ESOL testing.

2. Weekly Boarding is from Sunday night to Friday Morning only.

3. Sixth Form Full Boarders who entered the School prior to Fourth Form will receive a discount of £300 per term.


A few variable expenses are charged as “extras” as necessary, such as trips and expeditions, clothing and additional books, together with certain optional extras, including additional music lessons. These are billed one term in arrears and can typically total £300 to £350 per term.

Ad-hoc stay-overs are charged at £50 per night; however there is no charge for stays resulting from a mandatory curriculum-based event (including school plays). A reduced rate of £20 per night will be charged when a pupil stays over as the result of a school-based event such as Sixth Form social evenings, sports clubs, Academy and non-mandatory school trips. These charges apply to all Day pupils and to Weekly Boarders who are staying additional nights. If a stay-over occurs on a Friday night, the cost of the Saturday Activities programme (excluding pocket money) is included within the charge. Spaces for those not on Full Boarding will be subject to availability.

Membership of the Sixth Form Social Club incurs a charge of £65 per term. This can be reduced to £50 per term for those not attending regular events.





SEND provision is chargeable at variable rate dependent upon the level of support required. Individual 50-minute sessions are charged at £35 per session and group 50-minute sessions are charged at £20.50 per session.

Fee rates for the National Studies Program (incorporating the US College Prep Program) are available upon request.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) support is charged at a rate of £1450 for Michaelmas term.

Music lessons incur a charge of £255 per term for a 40-minute weekly lesson or £320 per term for a 50-minute weekly lesson. Lesson length is determined by ability. Theory lessons are charged at £70 per term. Speech and Drama lessons incur a charge of £160 per term for group lessons (50 mins) or £255 per term for individual lessons (40 mins). Dance lessons incur a charge of £160 per term for group lessons (45 mins) or £255 per term for individual lessons (45 mins).

Charges for the School bus are payable termly in advance dependent on distance.



Additional Information


Payments may be made by bank transfer, direct debit or UK cheque.

The School can, as an alternative to Termly billing, issue a Fee Bill for a full School Year; should a parent or guardian wish for such an invoice, the Bursary must receive notice by the 15th July. Fee Bills for the full School Year include a discount of 2% on the core fees and premiums. Payments must be received and cleared before the commencement of the School Year to attract this discount.

Where a term's fees are paid by instalments, each instalment will be collected at the beginning of the month. Extras are collected in the first month of each term.

The School can, through Houseparents, make cash advances to pupils; there is currently a charge of 10% for this service.

Should a direct debit or cheque be refused by the nominated or issuing bank, through no fault of the School, all discounts will be revoked and a surcharge of £40 will added to the figure owing. The outstanding debt will become due immediately.


Please see the School's Terms and Conditions for further information about the payment of Fees and Extras. The School's Terms and Conditions are available on request from the Registrar.