Preparation for Scholarship Day

All candidates must include a handwritten cover letter explaining why they should be considered for a scholarship.

First and Third Form entry

For entry into First and Third Form

Deadline for Scholarship applications: 
Thursday 1st October 2020
Junior Scholarship Days: 
Monday October 12th & Thursday November 12th 2020 

Candidates invited to Scholarship Day will take part in a group interview, during which a topic of academic interest shall explored in an open discussion. Candidates are advised to read around this subject and prepare effectively. This interview is a chance for the candidates to express their intellectual curiosity and how well they can communicate their ideas. The interview will conclude with a 15-minute written task on the selected topic. 

Sixth Form entry

For entry into Sixth Form

Deadline for Scholarship applications: 
Thursday 8th January 2021
Sixth Form Scholarship Day: 
Friday 22nd January 2021

It is important to state that all Sixth Form awards are conditional, pending the candidate’s GCSE results. Prior to the day, candidates should submit the following application materials:

  • GCSE predictions with verification from current school
  • An essay, limited to 1,000 words, on a topic of the candidate’s choice
  • A completed KHS application form

On the day itself, the candidate will be invited to discuss the essay, along with others as part of a group interview.