Scholarships for Sixth Form Entry

Academic Scholarships

Scholarships commence in September and the application process occurs during the preceding academic year. Junior Scholarship applications are assessed in the Michaelmas Term before the start of the award. Once a Scholarship has been awarded, it is held until the pupil leaves the school subject to maintaining the necessary standards; an existing scholar does not need to reapply for a scholarship at Sixth Form.

Academic scholars are expected to become leaders in the classroom, inspiring their peers with both the quality of their work and the effort they put into their studies. Scholars will wear insignia to identify their status and will be presented with the chance to take part in internal and external workshops to help them achieve their potential.

Scholarship is divided into two categories: School Scholarship, which equates to a 10% discount on fees and Headmaster’s Scholarship, which equates to a 25% discount on fees. The award of a scholarship automatically confers membership of the Octagon (the academic society of KHS). All awards are reviewed annually, and are maintained subject to the pupil meeting the criteria laid down by the Head of Octagon.

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Requirements for Academic Scholarships

Pupils applying for entry into the Lower Sixth must have verified grade predictions of 7 and above in all GCSE subjects (or the relevant equivalent), and demonstrate a liberal academic curiosity on Scholarship Day in order to be considered for School Scholarship. Applicants with verified grade predictions of 8 and above in all GCSE subjects (or the relevant equivalent) will be eligible for a Headmaster’s Scholarship.

For entry into Sixth Form

Deadline for Scholarship applications: 
Monday 10th January 2022

Apply for 6th Form Scholarship

A scholarship may be considered from a candidate who has shown an outstanding ability in a subject area that they intend to study in the Sixth Form, for example in Art or Design. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis.In addition to their verified grade projections, internal candidates will be judged on their attitude to learning, as found on their end of term reports. 

Scholarship applicants are expected to have had a primarily ‘Very Productive’ or ‘Exceptional’ attitude to learning in the three key areas of school life (classwork, independent study and mindset) during the previous three reporting periods. Pupils whose attitude to learning has been adjudged as ‘Coasting’ in a significant proportion of school life will not be considered for interview. 

All candidates applying for scholarship must include a handwritten cover letter explaining why they should be considered for a scholarship.

Organ Scholarship

The Organ Scholarship is a significant award of up to 75% day fees remission, and pupils in receipt of it are expected to play a full role in Chapel worship. Candidates should demonstrate a love of and commitment to music, particularly the Anglican choral tradition. 

They will normally have achieved at least Grade 6 on a keyboard instrument, and it is desirable to have some experience of accompanying. If successful, candidates will gain experience in choral accompanying and conducting over their Sixth Form career, and support with applications towards a university organ scholarship. Candidates are expected to attend the Sixth Form Scholarship Day and supply the application materials as for other candidates, alongside verification of their musical qualifications. They will also undertake a musical audition.

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Founder's Scholarship

This award of up to 75% of day fees remission  is open to a current pupil of exceptional academic ability hoping to progress from Fifth Form to the Lower Sixth and for whom the award will enable a continuing and significant contribution to KHS. Application materials are due by scholarship day. After a review of the candidate’s materials, an award recommendation will be made by the Head of Octagon and Head of Sixth Form for final approval by the Headmaster. All awards are conditional pending the candidate’s GCSE results.

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Music Exhibitions

Exhibitions in Music are offered to pupils at First and Third Form entry, who will normally have achieved Grade 4 (for First Form entry) or Grade 6 (for Third Form entry) in at least one instrument (including voice). Successful candidates will be expected to take an active role in the School’s ensembles and musical life as appropriate to their instrument/voice type. Candidates will be assessed at KHS by the Head of Music. Assessment takes place on Junior Scholarship Day.

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Sport Exhibitions

Exhibitions in Sport are offered to pupils at Third Form and Sixth Form entry, who will be playing at County level or above in one or more of the major sports in which KHS participates. (Rugby, Football and Cricket for boys; Hockey and Netball for girls, who also play mixed Hockey in the Trinity Term). Successful candidates will be expected to contribute to the major sport in all three terms, and to offer themselves for the Sports Leaders programme in the Sixth Form. 

Candidates must provide a reference from the head coach of the team they represent and provide an opportunity for representatives from KHS to see them in action representing a team at county or national level, or provide video of a recent performance (for example in the case of a candidate seeking an exhibition in cricket, outside of cricket season). Exhibitions can also be awarded to a pupil who is currently competing at a national level in a discipline recognised on the official list of Olympic sports.

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Other Exhibitions

An exhibition may be considered for any area of co-curricular excellence, aside from music or sport, where the candidate has an involvement at a nationally recognised level. An appropriate letter of recommendation should be submitted along with the application form (recent examples include drama, art, clay-shooting and karting). Relevant expectations of candidates will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

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