Scholarships for Year 7 Entry

Scholarships for Year 7 (1st Form) entry are:

Scholarships for 1st-3rd form at Kingham Hill

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholars are expected to become leaders in the classroom, inspiring their peers with both the quality of their work and the effort they put into their studies. 

There are two types of Academic Scholarships: 

School Scholarship

The School Scholarship equates to a discount of up to 10% on the relevant day or boarding fee.

Headmaster's Scholarship

The Headmaster’s Scholarship equates to a discount of up to 25% on the relevant day or boarding fee. This is awarded to candidates who can demonstrate both an outstanding academic ability and an exceptional attitude to learning.

Requirements for Academic Scholarships

External applicants for scholarship in the 1st and 3rd Forms will be assessed for potential in four areas:

  • Vocabulary (word fluency and understanding);
  • Mathematics (logical thinking, manipulating numbers and numerical concepts);
  • Non-verbal ability (recognising shapes, matching patterns, applying spatial awareness and visual intuition);
  • Skills (such as proofreading, perceptual speed and accuracy).

Internal candidates will also be judged on their attitude to learning, as found on their end of term reports. Scholarship applicants are expected to have had a primarily ‘Very Productive’ or ‘Exceptional’ attitude to learning in the three key areas of school life (classwork, independent study and mindset) during the previous three reporting periods. School reports from external candidates should provide similar evidence of liberal academic curiosity.

Art Scholarships

For gifted pupils who show skill, imagination and creative flair in the field of Art and Design. Awards are made at the discretion of the Headmaster following an interview, assessment of the quality of portfolio work and studio time with the Head of Art held at the School on Scholarship day. Studio time will involve both an observational drawing test and an innovative workshop with our current scholars. This will test a candidate’s ability to take risks with new materials and processes and work with others in a studio culture.

Art scholars have a key participatory role in Art department activities. Portfolios should be of the candidate’s own work and demonstrate both depth and breadth of knowledge, understanding and ability within the bounds of art, craft and design. More specifically:

  • Evidence of a two and three- dimensional understanding in a variety of media;
  • A high level of technical achievement;
  • Work that is both observational and experimental;
  • Evidence of critical and contextual investigation and thought.

Last but not least, candidates need to display great motivation for the subject and an eagerness to progress further rather than reiterate established skills. Art Scholarships will not exceed 10% of the relevant day or boarding fees. 

Drama Scholarships

Candidates should display flair and potential in the fields of dance or drama. A successful scholar will be expected to take GCSE Drama, participate in LAMDA exams and play a full role in the performing arts extra-curricular programme, including the Academy.

The Performing Arts scholarship includes free speech and drama lessons, plus optional free dance lessons.

The candidate will be expected to carry out ONE of the following options as part of the interview process:

  • To present a poem or monologue (taken from a play) from memory. A copy of the text must be submitted during the audition.
  • To present a short dance to music, in the style of the candidate’s choice. The candidate must bring a recording of the music to the audition. All drama candidates will also be asked to read and perform a script, which will be given to the candidate on the day of the audition, under the direction of the interviewer.

Drama Scholarships will not exceed 10% of the relevant day or boarding fees. 

Scholarships for 1st-3rd form at Kingham Hill

Music Scholarships

For pupils who are able to demonstrate a love of and commitment to music. Awards are judged at the discretion of the Headmaster following an interview and audition with the Head of Music.

The Music scholarship includes free music tuition: single lessons for two instruments or a double lesson for one.1st Form pupils applying for a scholarship might usually be at Grade 2 with those in 3rd Form typically Grade 4, although more important (particularly at a younger age) is enthusiasm, passion, and willingness to learn.

Successful candidates will be expected take an active role in the school’s ensembles as appropriate to their instrument/voice type. These currently include orchestra, string quartet, chapel choir, brass quintet, junior wind band, Big Band, and rock school. Junior pupils would normally be expected to participate in a minimum of two ensembles appropriate to their instrument, senior pupils in a minimum of three. Auditions take place during the scholarship day, so candidates should bring with them their instruments and music (including any accompaniments).Music Scholarships will not exceed 10% of the relevant day or boarding fee.

Scholarships for 1st-3rd form at Kingham Hill

Sport Scholarships

Scholarships in sport can be offered to pupils that play representative sport for club, county or academy level in one or more of the major sports in which Kingham Hill participates (rugby, football and cricket for boys; hockey, netball and cricket for girls). Successful candidates will be expected to contribute to the major sports in all three terms. Pupils will also be encouraged to take the opportunity to represent one of the school’s affiliated sports clubs in the local area.

Candidates must provide a reference from the head coach of the team that they represent and provide an opportunity for a Kingham Hill representative to see them in action either in person or through recent video footage.

Scholarships may also be awarded to a pupil who is currently competing at a national level in a discipline recognised on the official list of Olympic sports.

The Sport Scholarships will not exceed 10% of the relevant day or boarding fees.

2024 entry into
1st Form

The deadline for Scholarship applications has now passed.

2025 entry into
1st Form

The Scholarship application deadline dates for 2025 entry will be published here as soon as they are confirmed.