A new member of the team

Hello Hillians! I have been privileged to work in Alumni Relations and Development for the last two years at KHS. The best part of my job has been connecting you all and building our alumni community. Your stories....and seeing you’s the best.

A few months ago our Headmaster asked me to take on Marketing and Admissions as well. I resisted the change because I loved my job and didn’t want to lose momentum with Alumni Relations. Long story short, I accepted the change ONLY because we have a new member of the team to help with alumni who I know will love the job as much as I do.

Meet Debbie McGreevy 🙂. She started work yesterday and will work with me to take very good care of you all. She has a background in IT and development ... and her daughter Bethany is in 3rd Form at Kingham.

We love this place and working with you all.