Bettine Snell, celebrations for her 100th Birthday

On Sunday, January 26th, Mrs Snell celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends. She was delighted to get cards from alumni and former staff.  Flowers and gifts also arrived, so thank you to our dear Hillians.  

On the Tuesday before the big event, the Helping Hands club from KHS paid a visit with cake and many of the cards that had arrived. Helping Hands visits the Langston Arms (now a residential nursing home, not a pub!) each week as part of their service to the community.   Mrs Snell's daughter Rosemary shared the with the group that her mother used to run a community service club for pupils during her time at School and was so pleased that this club has continued throughout the years.  

Mrs Snell with daughter Rosemary, and son Rupert.