Flora Crosland Essame, Service of Thanksgiving

On Saturday 23rd November 2019, a Service of Thanksgiving was held for Flora Essame at St Nicholas' Church in Oddington.  Flora and husband John moved to Oddington after many years of serving on the Hill.  The service was attended by family, friends and old boys from KHS.   

Former staff member and friend James Woolliams read out memories of Kingham Hill as part of the service and shared stories from alumni. Finn Bugge (nephew of Flora and Hillian from Clyde House in the 1960s) shared the Eulogy with his sister Ingrid.




James Woolliams, Finn Bugge, Headmaster Nick Seward, David Nock, Mark Amis and Nick Holmes (below)

James Woolliams, Mark Amis, Nick Holmes, Nanci Austin, David Nock and Mary Wilkinson (daughter of Padre Wilkinson.   Mr Woolliams was entertained to hear the boys recount stories from when he was their houseparent and teacher.  Most impressive (aside from the glider) was how he could draw a perfect circle, backhand, on the chalkboard whilst teaching.