Messages from the past

As school buildings are updated and walls are painted, we often find little pearls from the past. 

In recent months we have found the following bits of paper - so small in size but big in history.

Mark and Martin (our decorators) left this note tucked in the rafters of Top School Hall.  The best part of this story is that Mark is the one who found the piece of paper.....28 years later. 

...and yes, he's still with us (thankfully).

When we were redecorating Durham House, the guys found a few notes behind an old noticeboard...implying that the board hadn't been moved since 1965. This note was from Ralph Mann, Houseparent of Durham from 1963-1973.   Mr Mann was a historian and documented much of the story of KHS throughout the years.  Planting notes like this for us to find must have given him great pleasure.

Along with the note from Mr Mann, we found this note from Iain Helstrip - a Hillian from the mid-1960s who was also in Durham House.