The case of the missing photos...part two

Last month we shared the story of photographic negatives that been found in Oxford.  These negatives were part of the Packer collection - a collection that is now held with the Oxfordshire History Centre.   Packer were the Chipping Norton based photographers who were commissioned to take all of the formal photographs of Kingham Hill over the years.   The boxes that have been found focus primarily on the 1970's.

Alumnus David Williams (Clyde 1959-64) travelled to Oxford with Nanci Austin to view and catalog the images.  In total there are 295 photographs that will be scanned and available to us in digital form.  The cost of this project is £559 (for the digital scanning through the Centre).    We're moving forward with this and hope to be able to share these images with you in a few weeks.  At that point we will ask for contributions to help cover the cost.   

The photographs were mainly of House and Team formal shots.  There were also Prefect photos and the occasional individual photograph.   Some pictures of what we worked with are below.