What is Founder's Pupils?

Many alumni comment that Kingham isn't the place it used to be.

Whilst that's true in many ways, the vision of our Founder to offer pupils from background of boarding need a Christian home and education that they might not have access to is as valid today as it was then.

We have consistently strived to meet that need.   Over the years it has been difficult financially as we are not a School that has access to a large endowment.  What we have steadily been doing for years is offering bursary support to those who need help.   

Last year we created our Founder's Pupils Fund. The purpose of this is to fully fund pupils from their first year through to when they leave Sixth Form. It is a huge commitment and one we do not intend to shy away from. This is funded entirely from donations and is supplementary to our Bursaries. So far, our donations have come mainly from alumni who want to "pay it forward". Our alumni are generous and we are grateful for their support.

A sampling of pictures of alumni through the years is below.